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CCTV Installation Services

Is your company suffering that additional cost of putting right damaged property caused by vandalism, intruders or even theft?

Then what are your options, let it continue costing your company or do something about it.

Have you thought of monitoring your property, the cost of a CCTV System will far out way the cost of additional insurance premiums or continual repairs to damaged property.

It doesn’t matter if it’s one stand alone camera or a complete multi camera system we can help.

Cade Electrical can design and install cost effective CCTV installations for most domestic and small commercial applications.

CCTV is a proven deterrent for burglary and theft and can provide peace of mind whilst you are away from home with remote viewing from anywhere in the world.

We can design the installations to suit both application and budget, with day and night camera’s,  DVR’s delivering high quality images with increased memory, 


We can install time lapse VCR’s or the new state of the art DVR’s. Today’s modern technology means you can now do away with the need to change the VCR tape every day by keeping all your visual and audio data on a compact disc or a removable hard drive. Hard drives can even be installed to your home computer in order that you can view your images in the comfort of your own home.

Most VCR system’s can be converted relatively easily depending on quality of system installed.

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