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Dangerous Wiring found by C.A.D.E Electrical

Working as we have for many years we see the most terrifying work done by unqualified Electricians. 

Below are a few images of things we have photgraphed over the years, the really scary thing is that this is the tip of the iceberg!

Each one of these photographs shows something that could lead to a fire, electrocution and even death! Don't take risks like this call C.A.D.E. Electrical.

Here are a few of the things we've found hidden in walls!

This is what we've found lurking in lofts!

The next set we've found in plain sight, not even hidden!

If you have seen anything like this we need to talk, it could just save your home, or your life!


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It is VITAL to use a professional electrical contractor, your life may depend upon it!

If you are thinking of handling your electrical installations yourselves, think again, click here for Part P Building Regulations and find out why!

If you want more information, visit our professional body’s website, NICEIC.

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